Any way to recursively open a (database) navigation hierarchy

Some Apple products have a convention that Option-clicking a disclosure triangle will recursively open everything underneath it in the tree.

Is there any way to do this in PyCharm?

I've been missing this in the database navigator tool window.  If I can't remember which table a field is in, I'd like to start typing the field name and zap to the field.  (Even better: hide non-matches, but that's another issue altogether.)  The type-to-search approach doesn't descend into closed sections of the tree for me.  Therefore, I would need to open the entire tree first.  The context menu for a hierarchy node does not have a 'Disclose all children recursively' entry, and I can't find any relevant functions in the keymap setting.

There is a possible workaround in this particular case (find in path), but it takes more effort; it's often necessary to choose appropriate file masks.  BTW, we have dozens of models encompassing almost a thousand fields across several apps within the project, so you can see how this would be handy for me.

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