Does PyCharm handle html data attributes? Generally, does PyCharm include all WebStorm features?

I've seen mention that WebStorm handles data- attributes in html, but it looks like PyCharm doesn't. I'm new to PyCharm, so maybe I'm just missing something?

In general, I really haven't been able to figure out the relationship between the "lightweight" offerings from JetBrains. For example, is PyCharm supposed to include the same support for html/javascript that WebStorm has? In other words, what features are missing from PyCharm that are in WebStorm?
Yes, PyCharm does handle the data- attributes. Note that the HTML language level needs to be set to HTML 5 in order for this to work (either via <!doctype html> or in Settings | Schemas and DTDs).

In general, all of the features of WebStorm are available in PyCharm. Some of them (node.js support, for example) need to be installed as separate plugins from Settings | Plugins.
That works perfectly. Thanks!

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