Hi Csaba,

There is a special plug-in for converting color schemes from TextMate schemes to  PyCharm/RubyMine template.  Monokai Bright is one of them.
To receive an xml file with scheme you should download source folder from https://github.com/JetBrains/colorSchemeTool and run in the terminal command “<Path to Python 2.7 interpreter> <path to the TextMate theme in that project (e.g. "tmThemes\Monokai Bright.tmTheme")> <path to the file that will be created (e.g. "intellijThemes\Monokai Bright.xml")>” . You should put that file in the folder \config\colors of .PyCharm20 catalog. After that you could find the theme in View->Quick Switch Scheme->Switch Color Scheme.

As well you could find a file Monokai Bright.xml in attachment.

Monokai Bright.xml (59KB)

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