Autocomplete for HttpRequest in view

In a django view the "request" object is passed in.  Pycharm 2.7.1 does not seem to understand the type:

def index(request):
    Display the home page (site level root).
    :type request: HttpRequest
    profile = request.user.profile
    assert isinstance(profile, UserProfile)
    if profile.site_skin > 0:

Even when hinted manually as above pycharm 2.7.1 does not seem ti understand that request.user is the standard user object, and it shows 'No documentation found' for request.user.profile.site_skin either, though you can click through on it.

Is there a better way to hint this for pycharm?
Hi Bryce,

the problem is that user field is not explicitly defined in django.http.HttpRequest

I've created an issue in our tracker –

Please, feel free to vote it and get notified once it's fixed.

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