Cannot edit *.js file - always locked

I am using PyCharm 2.7.3 and for some reason I cannot edit *.js files.  I have no problems with any other type of file.  I end up having to edit my *.js files in a different editor which is not convenient.  

My co-workers do not have this problem with their PyCharm editors.

Any ideas on what would cause this?  What settings should I be looking at?


"Settings | JavaScript | Libraries" perhaps? Files associated with JS libraries are read-only.

If such .js files are generated live from another language (e.g. TypeScript/CoffeScript) they also be read-only (since you supposed to work with original language and not touching generated code at all).
These are hand coded js files.  If I rename the file to *.txt then I can edit it just fine from within PyCharm.  It is only when the extension is .js that it refuses to let me type anything.
So .. did you checked JavaScript Libraries? I could not figure out the result for this moment from your answer.

I'm not PyCharm user, unfortunately, so have no other real ideas.

But you can always try deleting your settings (while IDE is closed; backup files before manipulating) to see if this will resolve the issue:

Project settings.idea subfolder of your project (backup and delete (or just rename) it and open the folder using "Open Directory" option (you will have to reconfigure project from scratch)). See if this will make any difference.

If nothing – IDE Settings – see for details. You can always restore most (almost all) of your settings back from backup files (just do it in small numbers – few files at a time and then launch IDE to see if it still works as intended).
Thanks Andriy.  I'll look into these possibilities later, maybe tonight.  Can't afford the time right now with the deadlines we have.  I appreciate your help.  I'll let you know what I find.

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