svn: can't access old revisions after a directory move in pycharm

A member of my team recently moved a sub directory in one of our projects in PyCharm. This project is under svn control. He used PyCharm to relocate the directory. He was actively checked out off our trunk. Everything was checked in successfully in it's new location. We can see/use the files in the moved directory just fine (check in/out). We can see the revision history on the files in the moved directory too. The problem occurs if we try and open a file who's revision number pre-dates the directory move. Trying to view one of the old revisions results in a popup dialog with a lot of SVN gobbledy-gook (below). We can view all revisions of the file since the move just fine, it's only the earlier ones that cause a problem. We have been specifying svn version 1.6 when we check out.

It's interesting to note that I checked the same project out with Eclipse using subclipse. I am using SVNKit 1.3.5 for SVN version 1.6.15 in eclipse. I can successfully view the older file revisions in Eclipse. It seems to be a PyCharm only issue.

Here is the text that appears in the error popup:
Could not load content for file /Users/alukasik/Documents/PyCharm/gtrs/gtrsweb/ svn: E160013: '/engineering/!svn/bc/377315/gtrs/trunk/prototypes/gtrsweb/' path not found: 404 Not Found ( svn: E160013: '/engineering/!svn/bc/377315/gtrs/trunk/prototypes/gtrsweb/' path not found: 404 Not Found (

The directory 'gtrsweb' used to be under the directory 'prototypes'. The svn move my colleague did moved the gtrsweb directory up one level to the same directory that 'prototypes' is in.

old structure:

new structure after move:

gtrs is the root of the project.
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Hi Andrew,

That is a known bug: Please vote for this issue to receive updates.

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