Get position in file by using comment

I have file with comments that contain links to different places of project:
def foo():
    """  look to ./demo/  """

Is there any way to open file on line #20 by click + ctrl? Or something like this.
Also I can modify code to like as "from demo import system" for this, but I can't modify target file.
This example won't give me exact position.
It is not implemented yet. Please add your comment to and vote for it to receive updates on this issue.
Thank you for reply.
PY-7677 is other problem, that is named "go to defInition".
I need "go to file:line", for example I need get position of line like "a = b + c".

I think pyCharm doesn't have this feature.
You could navigate to file line via Ctrl+Shift+N (or Navigate->File) ->type there “<>:<line_number>”.
This is almost what I was looking for. Thank you.

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