Perforce Integration and File Editing

Pycharm Version: 2.7.3 (Mac)

Been using PyCharm for about a year now - Perforce as the CVS - and recently decided to use the IDE's built in CVS capabilities to make certain tasks a little more automatic.

Some quick background: My workspace had allwrite enabled, which removed PyCharm's ability to automatically checkout files. So I removed the option and chmod -w for all files (leaving folders and .idea/ alone). Files now automaticlaly checkout... but only to the "Modified without Checkout" area. I get the following error after the attempted checkout (or any attempts thereafter).

File status in Perforce suggests it should not be readonly: ... (To make it read/write just click the lock icon in the status bar)

Looking at P4V, the file actually -does- exist in my default changelist (as I told PyCharm to do).

Any help or guidance would be extremely appreciated.
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Hi Dayton,

Please attach p4.output (please tick "Dump Perforce commands to" at Preferences->Version control->Perforce) and idea.log to and vote for this issue to get it fixed and receive updates.
To find idea.log please follow

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