Virtualenv packages not being detected

Since some time I'm having problems with virtualenvs in PyCharm. When I add a virtualenv in the 'Python Interpreters' section, the 'Packages' tab does not show the packages installed in the selected virtualenv but instead shows the packages installed in my Python installation. As a result, running my Python script fails because the packages cannot be imported.

I have no problems using virtualenvs in the console or Eclipse/PyDev. I've tried uninstalling/installing PyCharm but that did not resolve the issue.

I'm using PyCharm 2.7.3 with Python 2.7.5 on Windows 7 x64.
Hi Ed,

Please try File->Invalidate caches->Invalidate and restart. Please tell if it helps.
That did not help.

If I create a new virtualenv either externally or through PyCharm, I still get the same problem.
Thank you for your assistance!

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