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I have an issue where when I try to Navigate to a Test from a Test Subject, not all of the tests are found.  When I do a Find Usages with a custom Scope all of the tests are found.  Is there a way to configure the "Navigate to test" feature to use a custom scope?

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Hi Traitano,

The classes shown as options in "Navigate to test" should be recognized as tests (you could right-click->run tests in this class) and contain the name of your class (case sensitive, e.g. class test_solver will not be recognized as a test for Solver while test_Solver will be). It could even not use this class (e.g.

The classes shown when using Find usages should use this class and it does not matter which name they have.

Actually "Find usages" with a Project scope should find all of the tests that could be found by "Find usages" with a custom scope. Is it true for you?
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Yes, I'm seeing this behavior with classes.  I realized that the issue was with top level functions not finding their test.  I did not know that the test discovery was case-sensitive.  That fixed the issue.  Thanks.

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