web2py: opening an existing project? How does it work?

I've been using pycharm 2.7 with several web2py projects.
I've upgraded to pycharm v3 (professional) and reopened a web2py project. I see no evidence that it has recognised a web2py project. Actually, I don't know where I would see that if it was true, but nothing seems different and there is no indication in project prefs. So I then deleted the .idea folder in the project root, and reopened it, but I still don't see any recognition of it as a web2py project.

It's web2py 2.6.4, the latest one.
Hi Tim,

what is your web2py project structure?
Supported scenarios:

1. project_root/ <– project root

2. web2py/ <– project root

3. web2py/
      your_application/ <– project root

In all that cases web2py references should be resolved and web2py run configuration created.
Actually, deleting .idea and reopening the project did work. It was expecting something less subtle, like a project type defined somewhere.
When I remove the import of the built in debugging library, the pydev debugger included in pycharm works really well, something I have missed. So it's looking good.
I'm still confused how to get an existing web2py app into a project.  If I create a new project and point to an existing app it seems as though PyCharm wants to make a copy of the source.  Is there a way to point PyCharm at my current applications directory and tell it that this is where all my web2py apps are?
But I also have an example when it doesn't work. I have a development instance of web2py where the web2py installation is in a folder called web2py_git
Opening applications (ie directories under the applications directory) doesn't see to detect web2py. Is there a way to force a project to be treated as a being in a web2py directory tree?
The only solution now is to open web2py_git directory as project root.
Also, please vote an issue PY-10912 to get notified once it's fixed.
Hi Jim,

please, use File->Open directory... and select your app directory or web2py directory
That is what I am doing, but it didn't work.  Further testing has revealed that it does NOT work if I select the application directory, but does work if I select the web2py directory.

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