Is PyCharm 3.0 still in EAP?

Pycharm 3.0 has a slick download page, I keep getting emails from JB about it, and I got a pop-up dialog in PyCharm telling me to download it.

But, the automatic update feature in PyCharm doesn't want to update to 3.0 unless I set it to the "EAP" channel.

Is update broken, or is 3.0 really not even a beta yet? I'm confused.
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Hi Matt,

PyCharm 3.0 has been finally released!

Automatic update throws you notifications about that! It works as expected.
BUT there is no update from 2.7 to 3.0 or from 3.0 EAP to 3.0 release.

You need manually download fresh installer and do fresh installation.
Note: Your preferences are saved and you don't have to uninstall previous installation of PyCharm. You can keep 2.7 along with 3.0 for example)

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