Importing settings from pycharm 2.73 to 3.0 with linux

Hi there,

with Linux Mint:
I extracted pycharm to /opt/pycharm-3.0/, started, entered my licence, was asked for settings from previous version.

But nothing was imported. Manually exporting settings in 2.73 and importing into 3.0 did not work either. Anybody any ideas?

I did the same today on my windows machine. There everything just worked fine
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What did you specify as the previous version path?
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I am not quite sure. Here is what I did. I manually exported Settings from pycharm2.73 to <user>/.PyCharm20/config/settings.jar.

Then I specified this directory in the import dialogue. Not sure how to differ between the exact file and the path.

I just tested this after I moved the settings.jar to my /tmp/ folder and imported from there.

Then after opening a project, my github settings were all setup.

So, difference to Windows was that my open Projects and Files were imported to 3.0. As I said I am not quite sure,
  • if everything works from the beginning with the only difference that no recent projects were opened
  • if putting the settings.jar to a different folder did the job.

Anyway, now everything works great! So thanks for your answer, it definately bumped my into the right direction.


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