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I'm trying to figure out how to customize the code style for restructuredText in Pycharm 3.0 pro edition.  I don't know why, but restructuredText does not show up in the code styles list in Project settings.  I would really like to get word wrap working better for restructuredText.

I thought about installing the textmate bundle, but then Pycharm wanted to know if I wanted to unregister rst files as a built in type.  This seemed potentially dangerous so I'm holding off on that step for now, as I'm not sure how I would recover if I wanted to re-register rst as a built in type.

Any suggestions for customizing the editor environment for an rst file?


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Hi Brad,

there is no option to customize code style for restructuredText now. I've created an issue in our tracker – PY-10913 Feel free to vote it to get notified once it's fixed.

As for the TextMate bundles:
You always can re-registed file type in Settings->File Types->restructuredText and delete bundle for recovery.

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