Debug view with web2py python code and JS code at the same time?


is it possible to debug with PyCharm 3.0 a view, that contains web2py/Python code and(!) JavaScript at the same time?

With PyCharm 3.0
1.) I managed to debug the python web2py controller code
   - Python Debug Profile with   
   This starts the web2py server.

   - JavaScript Debug Profile with
   This hits the controller code
   (or call a URL that calls the controller code)

That breaks the breakpoint at the python controller code, but not at the JS code

2.) I managed to debug the JS with
  • a JS Debug Profile
With this solution the content of the python variable is not shown, only the web2py code like "This is my message =message"

3.) Debug Python and JavaScript at the same time:
I tried something like:
But that does not work, neither for Python nor JS.

So, is there a solution for this? I attached a file that contains web2py and js code.


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Hi smarty,

we don't have any specific support for web2py debugging yet. Feel free to add a feature request in our issue tracker

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