Pycharm keeps freezing with high load under windows after update to 2016.1.1 (145.598)

after automatic update to version 2016.1.1, Pycharm keeps starting with high load and stops responding after 30-60 seconds. Complete uninstall and reinstall of 2016.1.1 did not change anything. Update of Python 2.7.10 to 2.7.11 did not change anything. Update of JDK 8u66 to 8u77 did not change anything.

Deleting (renaming) of ~\.Pycharm2016.1\system did not change anything. Don't want to loose project settings, plugins, etc., so I don't dare to mess with ...\config

Now produces threadDump-2016....txt every 5 seconds (about), but logging only about every 10th dumping

Where to post logs / threaddumps?

Permanently deleted user

It's likely the problem described in the issue PY-19075. Please attach the Python file for which you experienced the freeze to that issue.

Having the same problem with the Mac version after 2016.1.1 update.

Ditto that.

When I used Process Explorer, it shows 3 threads, owned by Pycharm, that are each taking ~25% of the CPU.

GUI becomes unresponsive and stops painting.

Only thing you can do is kill using Process Explorer or Task Manager.

I also tired reinstalling and deleting the settings directory in my home folder.

I went back to v5.0.4 and it does not exhibit this.


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