current git branch displayed only reflects the top-level git repository, is this a bug?

I;m using web2py which means I have web2py as the root directory. This is a git repository for me. My applications, a couple of levels down in the directory structure, are also git repositories. The display of the Git branch seems to follow the branch of the root git repository, not the branch of the file I'm currently editing. Is this behaviour I can change?
Register your Git roots at File|Settings|Version Control. The repositories should appear then in the Git pop-up menu at the status bar.
They are registered and I can see them in the pop-up menu.

What I want is to see in the status bar the branch of the repository I am using. If my top level branch is master but I am working on a file in another GIT repository, I would like to see that branch of that repository. Instead, all I can see is that top level repository is on branch "master" which is true but not interesting.
I'm afraid the branch indicator in the status bar shows the status of the main project repository only. Nested repos are shown only in the pop-up menu. Feel free to create a feature request at

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