Why is the file name underlined in the tab?

One of my tabs has the file name underlined by a squiggly line, the one that marks problematic places in code such as typos and style violations. Why is that?
I see the same problem in the PyCharm 3.0 community edition. In my case it's a directory and a file name in the navigation tree on the left and in the breadcrumbs.

Both words were highlighted as typos in the editor until I added them to my local dictionary. Later I turned spellchecking off in the settings.

However, it seems that even with spellchecking turned off, the words are underlined and the dictionary additions are ignored.
If a file contains errors, PyCharm will underline the tab name for the file.
A file is highlighted in the editor tab and the project view only if it contains errors; typos are not considered errors. There must have been a different error within the file (you can find it by looking at red lines in the right margin of the editor).
Thanks for the explanation!


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