Working directly on remote project via ssh?

So... new to pycharm, loving the code completion so far.  Now I'm wanting to work on some python projects (simplecv, flask, etc.) that reside on my Raspberry Pi, from my laptop (dual-boot Win7 & Ubuntu, with PyCharm3 installed).

I must be missing something... I'm not seeing in the docs or anywhere that I've looked about how to set things up with all the project files (both my actual code and the interpreter) on the remote server, accessed via SSH.  I set up one aborted project with a remote interpreter on the RPi, but it appeared that the actual files created were 'here' on my laptop - not sure I see the point of that?  I saw some older threads that seemed to indicate that this functionality (which I seem to remember being integral to Komodo Edit) doesn't exist in PyCharm, though I wasn't clear if that has changed with the 3.0 release...?  Am I supposed to set up a virtualenv here on my laptop, then transfer it over to the server via scp/sftp?

Anywho, if someone could help point me in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate it.



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