Project File Generation and Run Configurations


We build a product mainly for Python developers and would like to support PyCharm out of the box.  (Thanks to the free 3.0 community edition.)  We'd like to generate (or ship as-is) a project file that just works.

The only issue we're run into is run configurations.  How can we know what Python's the user has installed?  Is it possible for us to register our shipped virtualenv'd Python within PyCharm and use that?

Alex Champandard
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The list of interpreters is not stored in the project file, so you cannot register a virtualenv simply by shipping a project. You can write a simple plugin to configure the interpreter for you automatically, or ask the users to configure it.
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Thanks for your reply, Dmitry.

Is there a way to get the interpreters externally?  For example as an entry in an XML or CFG file, a registry key, or other local database that PyCharm uses for configuration?

It'll be much easier not to rely on the users installing a plugin or doing manual configuration...

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PyCharm stores the list of interpreters in an XML file (jdk.table.xml) in its settings directory (under the user home directory). You can write a script that registers an interpreter in that file.

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