Removing entry from git authors dropdown / Default author

Is it possible to remove entries from the git authors drowdown (shown during commit)?

Or can I set a default author somewhere?

If not, these would be very useful features to have.

You need to set the author in the dialog only if you're committing changes made by someone else. Otherwise, the author and the committer will be the same; they are specified in the system-wide Git configuration (see for more information).
Right! The obvious solution... ;-)

Thanks for your help.
The entries from the git authors dropdown list is stored in <project_dir>/.idea/workspace.xml

I'm guessing PyCharm first compiles the list by looking at the project's commit history. Normally one shouldn't need to edit the list by hand, but I found myself having imported a project that contained my old email in its commits. Being the sole user of the repo, I re-wrote history in git to update the email, but the old email kept showing up in PyCharm's dropdown list. It has no effect whatsoever (since it is by default hidden under the list and thus overridden by git config and email), but being OCD, I dug into workspace.xml and deleted it :)

Yo Patrick! I believe Mr Jemerov has described exactly how the system works and what the use case was for inserting a different author's e-mail address into the Git Commit Changes dialog, as a response to your question.

For me, my use case was making a typo! haha!   :)  

I also want to know if there is a way to remove this entry easily (via the jetbrain's Rubymine interface) without requiring an edit of the application's state or settings files?

Thank you to Juan's helpful suggestion. 

Many thanks to all!




BTW, Juan's suggestion is a solution. Initially, I thought this was in the app's settings but indeed this is per-project. 

Check all your projects from your current directory:

find . -name .idea | xargs grep -R matchstring {}*




Now, in Rubymine 2016.3 (RM-163.7743.40) there is an additional entry in the Git Authors list, in the Commit Changes dialog. Why did Rubymine manufacture a Git author be concatenating in the following way on macOS?


This string is not in an xml file in the .idea directory. 

How to get rid of this so that I do not need to mouse-around in the Git Author dialog EVERY time?

Command line would be way better than dealing with this Git Author pollution that causes so much repetitive User actions.

Oh, sorry, as this thread is for Python product.

Why does the search cross product categories, to begin with? That's lame and not what a User would expect, unless specifically requesting a broad multi-product search.

Plus, the advanced search looks no different than basic search. I'll assume that this forum's search UI is broken.  ;)






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