TDD with Test class first?

I just read the article on Test first development referenced from the blog post,

I really miss Visual Studio and Resharper here in Python land!

The instructions do not create the test class first, but rather first create the class under test. Are there plans for adding helper refactorings to work in that order? I am pretty new at all this so it's very possible I missed something.

thank you!
This is already possible; the "Create class" quickfix is available on an unresolved reference.
great, that is what I thought I should see! how do I activate 'quickfix' in the context of a unittest class?

what I see is an orange lightbulb, and it allows me to create a parameter. For example, just say ;
print unknownthing
It does also say unknown reference, as expected.
Thus my gui does not match the picture here;
The "Create Class" quickfix is offered if the unresolved reference starts with a capital letter.
here's a partial example. Am I missing something obvious here?

class Test_AnArgParse(unittest.TestCase):
    def test_sayKwargs_1Pair_rtns_2(self):
        ans2 = AThing.two()  ## This does Not offer Create Class
Hi AnnieTheAgile,

the 'Create class' action will be available if the first letter is uppercase and the second one is lowercase. I've created a bug report in our tracker to improve this behavior. Please, feel free to vote it and get notified once it's fixed.
Update; , a duplicate of the above referenced ticket, is now  Fixed in build 132.873, but not yet available, ie not in 3.0.1.

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