Anyone use PyCharm for Scrapy spider development?

I use PyCharm IDE for all of my Python development and, of late, have run into a strange behavior when trying to build and debug multiple Scrapy spiders that are contained in a project.  First, some background:

1) In my project I have 10 or so spiders - all Python code
2) As I build a new spider I set up a PyCharm configuration as follows (see attached screen shot)

3) Next I hit debug to run the code and Pycharm indicates that its running the first alphetically named spider in the same directory.  

4) This seems to be something with how Pycharm 3.0 is working as I had done lots of development on other spiders (using PyCharm 2.X) and was able to write and debug each one individually before.  

I had originally been using the information shared in

but that exhibits the same type of behavior now as well.

Anyone using PyCharm to do their Scrapy spider development?  If so can you share how you set up your configuration to be able to debug each spider individually?

Thanks for any assistance provided!

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 6.21.14 PM.png

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