UML - add a node element using drag-and-drop technique

I can't get the "To add a node element using drag-and-drop technique" to work.
Its documented here

So if my diagram is open, I can hit SPACE and type in a class, and that works.  But I can't drag in files from the project view into the diagram?

What am I supposed to be able to drag and drop into the diagram.  I can't drag in classes from the structure view because structure view turns into a diagram overview map when viewing a diagram.
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Hi tcab,

drag-n-drop is not supported for the diagrams yet. I've created an issue in our tracker. Please, feel free to vote it and get notified once it's fixed.
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Great.  I wonder why the feature is 'documented in the manual' when the feature doesn't exist.  Surely this would simply confuse users who are reading the documentation and trying to make it work?

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