I am not seeing Web2Py support on an existing Web2Py project

3.0.1 Professional
build #PY-131.399

I am opening a directory where my Web2Py files are, but I am not getting the jump from template to py file functionality [nor vice-versa]. I have added the directories that hold the templates to the Template Directories, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

Am I missing a step to get this set up?
Hi Jeremy,

what is the structure of your project?
  |- Controllers
  |    |- *.py
  |- views
       |- bench
       |    |- *.html
       |- default
       |    |- *.html
       | ...

There is no web2py under this tree, it is in a lib\site-packages directory somewhere else.
PyCharm detects web2py structure if it can find web2py or gluon under the project root or
controllers, views and models directories all together.

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