Navigating 'Sub Windows' Problem

I use PyCharm's integrated Git support to do diffs, among other things. The diff/merge is great...

One thing I've noticed though is that when I have a PyCharm diff window open it isn't listed in the "Window" drop-down menu, so if I navigate to a different PyCharm window and the diff is completely covered by that window I can find no way to get back to the diff window, short of shrinking the current PyCharm window enough to see some part of the diff window and then click on it. For a long time I actually thought the diff window was disappearing when I navigated off of it until I discovered it was just hidden.

Mac OS X Mountain Lion latest PyCharm
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It seems this forum is not visited by JetBrains personnel as I have received no response to any of my questions. The view counts are depressingly low as well. Is there another place where I should go to look for PyCharm support??
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The Diff view not being displayed in the Window menu is a bug. You can report PyCharm bugs in the issue tracker:

Note that the Cmd-Backtick keyboard shortcut does work for switching between all windows of PyCharm, including the Diff window.

You can find the support service for PyCharm at

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