remote configuration and remote deployment problem

I've configured pycharm with a remote interpreter on a virtual machine (linux) running on the local network.
I'm woking on windows 7 and I also configured the project deployment on the vm shared folder by sftp, so it automatically syncs the code and pycharm excutes it on the vm automatically.
My problem is when I add a package to the remote interpreter, it installs right and I see the package on the list at interprete configuration. But pycharm don't recognise it if I write a file with import of this package  the editor show the name underscored red.
What I'm trying to do is to work with the remote interpreter and have the code on a local folder in my computer (windows).
Anyone having the same problem?
Thanks in advance.
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My pycharm version is 3.0.0
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Hi Kiddo, does restart of the PyCharm helps?
Anyway please submit an issue to

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