See current class/method in Navigation bar?

I have a seemingly very simple question.  PyCharm has a lovely navigation bar that shows me what file I'm in at any moment. I don't see any way to make this nav bar tell me what class or method/function I'm in at the moment.  

I just want to place the cursor somewhere in the file and have the nav bar (or other obvious place) show what is the current scope (class + method.) How can I do this?  I know I can hit Cmd-F12 (mac) to get this info in a popup window. What I want is to have it always displayed somewhere on the screen as I move the cursor around.

Would like to see this feature, too. If it's not possible and you create issue I'd be first to vote it up :)
Hi Preston, you can use View | Context Info action (Alt+Q).
Also feel free to vote for the platform specific issue:

Thanks @Dmitry that's what i was looking for :)


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