Add custom made Python interpreter to PyCharm

For purposes of my project, I have made my own IPy.exe (IronPython). It is different from original IPy.exe in only few details (like setting IronPythonPath to my custom location, forcing some stuff to be turned on instead of them being optional command line parameters etc - I can provide source code for this file if needed). As a base for my modifications I used this file from IronPython sources:

But when I try to add my IPy.exe to PyCharm, it reports error "The selected file is not valid home for Python SDK". With IPy.exe from official IronPython installation everything works fine.

My first thought was that PyCharm requires predefined folder layout, places where it looks for standard library etc., but it turns out that when I place my IPy.exe into IronPython installation I get the same error, so that I guess that it means that folder layout is not the problem.

What could be the problem? And what would be a way to fix it? Is there any documentation about what PyCharm considers to be "valid home for Python SDK"?

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