Pyramid debugging/breakpoints do not work

Using Pycharm 3.0.2 and developing a pyramid 1.5 application, I cannot get breakpoints or debugging to work. The Python debugger will attach fine and work up to the serve() function call in pserve, then will detach and will not honor any breakpoints (nor catch any exceptions) in my actual code. Breakpoints work fine in my up to the point where I call:


...then does not work for any code after that.

I've tried both using waitress and also gunicorn (w/ eventlet worker) as my WSGI server. None of it works.
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Not sure if this is relevant, but I am able to make breakpoints work with Pyramids on Windows as long as I use Python 2.7.6.  When I switch to Python 3.4.1, I am no longer able to trigger breakpoints inside Pyramid views. I tried this with both the 32 and 64 bit versions (Windows) of both Python 3.4.1 and 2.7.6 and only Python 2.7.6 worked for debugging Pyramids views.  With Python 3.4, it worked as you said - you can debug the service startup but not the request handlers.

The code I'm using to test debugging is simply the sqlalchemy scaffolding generated when you create a Pyramid project in PyCharm. I put a breakpoint in my_view in

Windows 7 x64
PyCharm 3.1.3
Python 2.7.6 - 32 bit and 64 bit
Python 3.4.1  - 32 bit and 64 bit
setuptools 3.6
virtualenv 1.11.6
pyramid 1.5

I'm using the web server 'waitress' - the alternative 'paste' does not work with Python 3.

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