How to get PyCharm to invoke QT Designer when double-click on mainwindow.ui?


I'm developing a PyQt4 app on Mac Mavericks using PyCharm 3.0.2 but when I double-click on the mainwindow.ui, PyCharm doesn't bring up Qt Designer.  Is there a way to link that external tool into the PyCharm development environment when I perform the double-click on the file name?

[I also have Qt Creator 3.0 installed and can independently pull that up and edit the mainwindow.ui GUI file no problem.]
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In my case I'm using PyQt5 on MacOS Mojave 10.14.5 using Python 3.7.3 with PyCharm Community 2019.1.1, but the question is the same one.

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You are probably referring to

Unfortunately, it is not yet addressed. Please vote for the ticket and follow it for updates.


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