Code styling adjustment or disabling


I've just started using pycharm, and I've imported a project im currently working on. problem is the code style is not PEP-8 standard so most of it gets underlined. I have no problem changing the style basically, except one change which is too expensive - I have variable written in this style "doPhrasesAnalysis = True" which get the styling error of using upper cases on local variables. problem is that instead of automatically lower casing and adding the "_" sign were needed, pycharm is just lower casing and the variable name is unreadable.

So I need help understanding how to:

1. create a rule for changing style
2. apply this rule over all code at once (instead of manually changing it for each and every variable)
3. If 1 and 2 or not possible, disable code style check.

I've looked at the documentation on this subject, but didn't find answers.
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It is possible to reformat your code according to your code style settings. However, this will only take care of indentation and spaces between methods, classes, functions. There is no way to automatically rename all your symbols to the PEP-8 standard that I know of.

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