infuriating pycharm behaviour #1

PyCharm (3.0.1 win32) has the 'charming' habit of sometimes jumping to somewhere I don't want to be   -apparently when I am copy-pasting or cut-pasting (with ctrl-x ctrl-c ctrl-v etc)

Presumably I am fumbling something  -notwithstanding that I use all kinds of IDE's (not jetbrains ones traditionally) and I only seem to 'fumble' this way in pycharm

Today  -PyCharm 'helpfully' opened some python standard library code so I could inadvertently paste code in there and break Python and have a 'happy' time working out what on earth had happened.

What action am I accidentally tripping (ie some key combination that is similar)? Can I disable it?

Surely  -I am not alone. There must be other fumblers out there.

Perhaps like me they how think "wow this product does amazing things; I must have it  -but how could I possibly buy it when it does this to me".

Are there some finger exercises I could try (other than the one that comes to mind every time this happens)?
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Ctrl-B is next to Ctrl-V in qwerty, and Ctrl-B defaults to "go to declaration", so that could certainly result in opening standard library code.

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