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I wonder if it's possible to specify the return type of a function in the superclass so pycharm will recognize the correct return type.

class CRUDMixin(object):
    id = db.Column(db.Integer, primary_key=True)

    def get_by_id(cls, id) -> object:
        if any((isinstance(id, str) and id.isdigit(), isinstance(id, (int, float))), ):
            return cls.query.get(int(id))
        return None

class User(CRUDMixin, Model):

Is there a way to set up the crudmixin class in a way that if I use User.get_by_id() pycharm automaticly recognizes that it will return a User object.. like "self" or "cls" or something like that ?

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Just wonder of the same thing in type hinting system of PyCharm (Python plugin for IDEA). Also, what do "generics" stand for in PyCharm type hinting documentation:
  • T # Generic type (T-Z are reserved for generics)
  • T <= Foo # Generic type with upper bound Foo
  • Foo[T] # Foo parameterized with T

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