Blog post about PyCharm


I wrote an in-depth article about how to get started quickly with PyCharm here:

How to Get Started with PyCharm and Have a Productive Python IDE

The article covers:

  • Initial Customization
  • Virtualenv and the Python Interpreter
  • Shortcuts
  • External Editor
  • Running Code and the REPL
  • Finding Commands
  • Code completion
  • Access to documentation
  • Code quality
  • Finding your way in the source code
  • Unit tests
  • Dealing with multiple files
  • Split Windows

Let me know what you think!
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Nice! Thanks for sharing!
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Great post! Unfortunately I'm having a problem with adding packages from one virtualenv into another. I voted up someone else's comment since it sounds like they are having similar issues (I'm running 3.1 on OS X).

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