Bug - a weird one to say the least. (vmware pycharm debian terminal 'import requests')

Hey forum! This bug is a weird one... I even do not have an idea if this could be counted as a bug:
I use Debian Wheezy in a VMWare virtualmachine. I forgot to start python in a Pycharm terminal in a virtualenv and wrote 'import requests' in the terminal opened in PyCharm. After realizing my mistake I did Ctrl+Z. After that the mouse arrow icon changed to something like the swastika and stopped responding to mouseclicks. The keyboard seemed to continue functioning. I had to send ctrl+alt+del from VMWare to shut down.

And... after starting the virtualmachine again, I did the same thing again, I forgot to run python and just wrote import requests which gave me the swastika!

PS. I hope to get an award in the Weirdest Bug Found category so I can be famous!

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