Thanks for 3.1

This is a great new release.  I won't use lots of its features but I notice the performance improvements on introspection; use git log, and use shift-shift search.

With such a good release and so many good features overall, especially compared to any other Python IDE, I don't have a lot to ask for, but I am sure I am not the heaviest user.

Here are 3 requests for future releases, but only the first actually matters:

! Update:  just realized I can fold arbitrary lines of code–don't need this feature...

1. Have code folding work for flow of control structures:

   when the block is 3 lines are greater (you could suggest a higher minimum)

   I might go further and say fold any indentation of greater than 3 lines because sometimes I have long dictionary literals or very long function argument lists.

Now, onto the truly trivial:

2. No hollow icons.  Icons are so small that it is hard to have them convey a lot of information.  Many seem to have been created without updating the help (no biggee–maybe tooltips, but only maybe..).  But, the hollow icon for a file folder doesn't fit OS X or Windows.  Must be a Swing thing.  This is just a fetish.  I'll like Pycharm if you ignore this.

3. Platform consistent scroll bars. Not a big deal, but why not?  At least on OS X, scroll bars are rather inconspicuous.  I can see that on Windows you might not want to waste the real estate on the big wide static scroll bars that sit there even when you aren't scrolling.  (Probably talked you out of this, too.)
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Hi Lewis! Thanks for the warm feedback!

Answering your questions:

1. Please vote for
2. You can try this plugin:
3. Maybe this will answer your questions:
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Thanks for the reply.

I voted for the code block folding, but custom folding does the trick.  I would never fold EVERY code block.

Tried the old icons.  The new ones are more visually differentiated from each other.  Old ones look more like platform icons.

I understand the decision on the scroll bar to accommodate error flags.

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