PyCharm debugging Spider via; Break points not hitting

I've been trying to debug my spider while using PyCharm. I created a run configuration and I put the script as scrapy/ The script parameters are "crawl a_spider". The working directory is my project. None of my breakpoints in my project are hitting. The only breakpoints that work are in  The last line that I can debug is:

def start(self):
   [ . . . ] # blocking call

Is there some forking or processing splitting that I'm unaware of when you use The debugger might not be detecting it or connecting to the new process. I have enabled with the debugger attach to new processes.

Has anyone else had success? Before the debugger goes into the abyss is there a way I can instruct the debugger to dumb out what the active breakpoints are?

OS X 10.9.1
Python 2.7.5

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Hi vinayan3,

Please create an issue in our tracker with your log files attaches. Unfortunately, issues with debugger is hardly reproducible so please provide as many info as possible so we can reproduce.

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