Create new project from exiting files on remoter server ????

Hi I am a brand new user to PyCharm.  My code is on a github fork on a remote system.  I want to work on that code base directly.  If I can't do that I want to at the very least I want to create the project from the remote hosted files.

The docs all say I can do this through "File | New Project From Existing Files" menu item.  The docs mention selecting "Add new remote server" option on the "Create New Project: Specify Remote Server Page."  Supposedly there is a Wizard to help set this up.

I don't have this menu option.  I can't find that page. I can't find anything even remotely like the dovs.  If I type what I want to do in Help it shows the same "New Project From Existing Files" action but selecting it does nothing, not even bring me to a help page.

Very frustrating!

I have a licensed copy of PyCharm Professional 3.1.1 installed on Windows 7.   

Any ideas what I am missing???
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I am running into the same issue.  Using ctrl-shift-A shows "New Project from Existing Files" but it is grayed out and does nothing.  This works for me in WebStorm.  I don't really want to buy two separate IDEs that have largely overlapping functionality.
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Hi there,

If "New Project Wizard" does not work for you (or disabled or whatever) – you just all that manually (it is just a handy wizard, nothing more):
  • Create brand new project locally
  • "Settings | Deployment" – create new entry of correct type and configure it. Now mark it as Default for this project.
  • "Tools | Deployment | Browse Remote Host" (or "Remote Host" side tool window if already there)
  • Select and download all required files

    Depends on where your remote files are located (on Internet/on LAN/etc) you could work with them directly (e.g. via mapped drive of your shared folder etc) .. but it is NOT officially recommended (as IDE requires very fast access to source files) and therefore do not be surprised if some short/medium random freezes will happen out of nowhere. For some people it works OK (very fast and stable network I guess), but some experience those lags/temp freezes.

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