Alt vs. Meta keys on OS X -> VirtualBox -> Ubuntu


I have PyCharm Community Edition 3.1 running on Ubuntu 12.04 inside Virtual Box on a MacBook.  And in the pull-down menus PyCharm distinguishes between the Meta and Alt keys.  However from Ubuntu System Settings -> Keyboard -> Layout Settings,  I have chosen "English (Macintosh)" as the layout, and from there when I display a graphic of the layout, it shows Meta L key and Alt L mapped to the same key.  I know the alt/option key on my keyboard is mapped to Alt, because when I hit Ctrl+Alt+R in PyCharm, it runs the script.  I also inspected the PyCharm Default Keymap list, and there it says Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insert to copy text (and Ctrl + V to paste).  But if I hit Ctrl + V in the PyCharm window, it opens the VCS operations menu.  I just want to copy and paste via the keyboard.  Where is the meta key?


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