Pip Installation Not Found

Installed PyCharm under Archlinux and installation smooth. First time setup went fine: interpreters and everything works, and package management appears to be working, but when I install/upgrade a package (including pip itself), I get the following error:

      Upgrade packages failed.

      The following command was executed:

      /opt/pycharm/pycharm-community-3.1.1/helpers/packaging_tool.py install –build-dir
      /tmp/pycharm-packaging4313277816386269239.tmp -U pip

      The error output of the command:

      Error: Python package management tool 'pip' not found

I have easy_install installed (python-setuptools under pacman I believe) and I'm pretty sure I got pip in there somewhere too. Tried adding a path to those files, but to no avail.


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