Custom Regions

PyCharm Community Edition 3.1.1 (Windows 7)

How do you remove the custom region markers? Currently I just manually
delete the # region/# endregion lines.

It would be nice if the # endregion automatically had the same
description as the # region marker. When regions are large and/or
nested, it can be tricky to tell which region you are dealing
with. (Similar to adding comments after #ifdef/#endif in c/c++ to
indicate which #if the #endif matches).

IMO, the Structure Tool window should also add the custom regions in its
hierarchy. That way custom regions could be collapsed/expanded just like
Python classes currently can. When writing scripts, I often have a lot
of functions, constants, compiled regular expressions at the top level
(not inside any classes). So I would like to have the ability to
mark/categorize areas with regions and then hide/collapse them.
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Hi, you are welcome to submit a feature request to

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