Is a Virtual Env my choice ???

Hi all ,
quite new to python and programing in general. So ask you patient.

Platform Windows. PyCharm CE.

I have a script that makes usage of module ArcPy from ESRI. This module has its own interpreter python 2.6 which im using as the interpreter for the project.

It happens that i also have a created module apart that i import into main script that makes usage of dictionary comprehensions not supported by Python 2.6.

What should be my routes to workaround this not rewriting code to avoiding list comprehensions ?

Another questions

--What should the correct pattern for project creation and interpreters maintenance, should i always use virtual dedicated envs for each project ?

--Am i doing correctly importing the extra needed packages for my projects to the ArcPy python installation Python 2.6.5 (C:/Python26/ArcGIS10.0/python.exe)?

Thanks for all the help.


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