Disable warnings for uppercase methods, variables etc.


for some projects we do not apply PEP-8 formatting but are using Java style notations with camelCasing for variables, method names, class names etc. As a result we get hundreds of weak warnings of the type "Function name should be lowercase", "Argument name  should be lowercase".

Is there any explicit option to disable just this check? I coulnd't find one.

Thanks, incunabulum
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You could create a new inspection in Settings -> Inspections and disable PEP 8 violation warnings.  Then use it for your Java projects.
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fun_object.get_ham_hist(test_var1, test_var2, test_var3, optional_param=suck_bar)
funObject.getHamHist(testVar1, testVar2, testVar3, optionalParam=suckBar)

Yep...I think the underscores are a stupid waste of space.

It would be awesome to be able to remove that warning.

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Hi Travis! You can disable PEP 8 naming convention violation inspection altogether in Settings | Editor | Inspections | Python | PEP 8 naming convention violation. Another variant is to place caret on the specific warning and press Alt+Enter then select Ignore errors like this. Has it helped?

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Awesome, Pavel. Thanks for the tips. Now I'm super happy! :)


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