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Hi all.
I discovered Pycharm only a few days ago, and I am finding it really enjoyable, also because it allows more customization respect to some other Python IDEs.
I am reading the documentation and seeing several videos about the many features of the program.
I still don't fully understand how to change some aspects of the interface. For example when I run a program, in the Run window I continue to get bold and italic font for numeric input, and I did not find any related field in the Appearence options.
Could you help me and indicate how to change that particular font?
Run fonts Pycharm.jpg
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If someone is interested, I found the solution.
After exploring a lot the various Setting sections, I discovered that the font I searched for is under Settings-> Editor -> Colors and Fonts -> Console Colors -> Console User Input (here the default in my case was bold and italic).
I don't know why the developers put this option under Console Colors instead than in Console Font, probably the latter would be more appropriated.
Hope this can be useful to others.

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