Debugging nosetests doesn't drop into the debugger on error

In my breakpoints dialog I have the suspend on all exceptions selected.


When I debug a unittest with nose, the test runs, fails, the output from nose is written to the console and the process exits without ever dropping into the debugger.

My assumption is that because I have it set "on termination" and nose itself finishes fine that its' not being triggered. Based on this assumption I set the activation policy to "on raise / top of call chain", however this seems to drop me into the debugger inside of `nose_utils` (from nose_utils import TeamcityPlugin). There seem to be about a million exceptions (all caught in a try/catch) in there, making it nearly impossible to get out with the on raise setting selected.

Even after exiting the internals of nose, with the on raise selected the debugger wasn't tripped when the test failed.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to drop into the debugger inside a nose unittest when an error occurs?

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This is basically explained in this issue:


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