VCS --> Show Changes duplicate file names?

I assume there is a simple solution to this, but I haven't been able to figure it out.

I use 'Show Changes' to review code before I commit to git.  However, Show Changes only shows the file name, not the path.  So if I make changes to a few different 'Views' in my Django project, I see:  in show changes.

If I open one, I am still not presented with the entire path, and while I generally can figure out what I am looking at, it is still a hassle.  

My last problem is that if the file has been closed, there is no way (again, that I can figure out) to reopen the file from the Show Changes dialog.  I'd think this would be an obvious right-click action.

Anyway, I assume I'm missing something obvious that solves my problem, so any help appreciated.

Attached:  screenshot of views, views, views

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