Default installation: Shortcut for Comment/Uncomment not working


I have been trying to fix this myself, but I cannot find the solution. I am using PyCharm 3.4 on OSX 10.9 with a simple Django project without any keymap customizations. I use the Mac OSX 10.5+ keymap as default per install.

Whenever I press "CMD + SHIFT + 7" ( => 'CMD + /') I dont get the default comment/uncomment functionality. Instead, the "Help"-Menu from the top menubar opens with the "Search" Field in focus.

When I manually go to "Code -> Comment with line comment", the desired functionality works, but it is too annoying to do this everytime.

I checked under Settings->Keymap and the shortcut is defined as described above. As I am clueless what to do, can anybody help me to get this fixed?
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Are you using a non-US keyboard or an alternative keymap (like Dvorak)? If yes, this is a know bug:

Please vote on this issue so it may get fixed.
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Thank you for the link, I will check that out. I am using a german keyboard layout (QWERTY, not Dvorak).
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So i decided to remap the shortcut to something that works. When I am in Preferences > Keymap I am trying to add a keyboard shortcut to "Comment with line block"

In the textfield for "First stroke" i can press whatever I want but the non-regular keys do not get detected. Characters and numbers work, ESC works, but it does not detect CMD or CTRL or Shift.

I cannot create my own shortcut essentially, because it wont detect the necessary buttons.

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