Noob path problem

I am using PyCharm as an editor for python code in Houdini. Whenever I try to import the main Houdini library (hou) I get an error flagged in PyCharm. If I include the code snippet:_

    import hou
except ImportError:
    # Add $HFS/houdini/python2.6libs to sys.path so Python can find the
    # hou module.
    sys.path.append(os.environ['HFS'] + "/houdini/python%d.%d/libs" % sys.version_info[:2])
    import hou

in my code it executes, without problem, from both Houdini and my selected interpreter.

My problem is with PyCharm itself. The editor flags 'import hou' as an error and any subsequent files that import this file flag modules imported by this file as errors as well. Hence I loose type ahead functionality and get an over abundance of error messages that make it hard to spot the real problems.

How do I get PyCharm to recognize the path to the hou module.

I have tried, for a couple of days, to Google a solution to this problem but they all seem to refer to tabs and settings that are not in my version of PyCharm (3.4.1).
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Okay. I have found the answer to this myself. It seems that since PyCharm 3.4 the path tab in the 'Project Interpreter' settings has been replaced. In order to add paths to a project you need to select the cogwheel, click on 'More...' and then select the "Show path for the selected interpreter" icon. This allows you to add paths to your project as before.

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