remoter interpreter & ssh key questions

Hi, I have a couple of questions regarding remote interpreter support over ssh:

1. In a linux or osx setup, does PyCharm look at ~/.ssh/config at all? I have a number of toggles in there that regular ssh sessions use, but it seems all of pycharm's ssh connections completely ignore them.

2. For the ssh login using keys, is there anyway to have pycharm just use the installed key in ~/.ssh?

3. Since I can't figure out #2, I've tried pointing pycharm to the id_rsa file that I have saved in ~/.ssh, and gave it the right passphrase, but auth always fails. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, since the same key works fine everywhere else.

4. Where exactly does pycharm save the passphrase or ssh password, (if configuring ssh via password). I'm just wondering if my passwords are basically ending being saved in plaintext in some project file, or if they're being stored in keychain.


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